— I Never Forget A Face

It’s always intriguing to see the faces of the creators behind famous works of art.

Life Magazine ran an article showing fourty photographs of artists at work. I have chosen only a few of them to show here but have also added an image of the finished piece.


How many of the artists would you have recognised without seeing them next to their more easily identified work?


Target, Jasper Johns, 1958


Les Marguerites, Georges Braque, 1946


The Tribe of Levi (Hadassah Hospital, Jerusalem), Marc Chagall, 1960


Madonna de Port Lligat, Salvador Dali, 1950


The Mirror Painting, Guy du Bois, 1949


Walking Man I, Alberto Giacometti, 1951


Rock Form, Barbara Hepworth, 1964


Number 1, Jackson Pollock, 1949


Via: Time

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