— Hugo Jaeger

A fascinating selection of photographs (from the LIFE archives) by Hugo Jaeger, Adolf Hitler’s personal photographer.


What is it with images of Hitler, even after all these years, that sends a shiver down one’s spine? (I’ll be honest, I found myself debating long and hard whether I should even post them at all).

Here are Jaeger’s captions to the images:


1. Adolf Hitler salutes troops of the Condor Legion who fought alongside Spanish Nationalists in the Spanish Civil War, during a rally upon their return to Germany, 1939.


2. Annual midnight swearing-in of SS troops at Feldherrnhalle, Munich, 1938.


3. Adolf Hitler makes keynote address at Reichstag session, Kroll Opera House, Berlin, 1939.


4. Reich Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels speaking at the Lustgarten in Berlin, 1938.


5. Volkswagen Works cornerstone ceremony, near Wolfsburg, 1938.


6. Adolf Hitler speaking at the Lustgarten, Berlin, 1938.


7. Nazi rally, 1937.


8. Nazi and Italian flags draped from balconies to welcome Adolf Hitler during state visit to Italy, 1938.


9. Nuremberg, Germany, 1938.


10. Crowds cheering Adolf Hitler’s campaign to unite Austria and Germany, 1938.


11. Reich Party Congress, Nuremburg, Germany, 1938.


12. League of German Girls dancing during the 1938 Reich Party Congress, Nuremberg, Germany.


13. Reich Veterans Day, 1939.


14. Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels (in box) at Charlottenburg Theatre, Berlin, 1939.



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