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Simple, clean and clear packaging for Our/Berlin.

One part global and one part local, Our/Vodka is made by entrepreneurs in cities around the world. The first micro-distillery, bar and store is in the heart of Berlin.


Initiated by Pernod Ricard, Our/Vodka was born out of a desire to create a vodka he felt was missing. A global vodka with local roots. But he couldn’t do it alone. He teamed up with local people who knew their city better than anyone else.


The Berliners are the first ones out.


A global recipe with a local taste. All Our/Vodka is made with the same recipe, but every distillery will use locally sourced ingredients. Thereby each city will get a vodka with a local character. The 350 ml bottle with a crown cap is about keeping things simple. The handy size makes it perfect to share with friends.


Our/Vodka is smooth, fresh and composed to blend well with any mixer. Keep it simple, it’s vodka.


Via Our Berlin and Our Vodka

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