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The National Portrait Gallery in London are exhibiting a selection of over thirty portraits by Laura Knight, until 13th October.

“Dame Laura Knight (1877 –1970) was one of the most popular and pioneering British artists of the twentieth century. Her artistic career took her from Cornwall to Baltimore, and from the circus to the Nuremberg Trials. She painted dancers at the Ballets Russes and Gypsies at Epsom races, and was acclaimed for her work as an official war artist.


Knight used portraiture to capture contemporary life and culture, and her paintings are remarkable for their diverse range of subjects and settings. This exhibition of over thirty portraits will reveal Knight’s highly distinctive and vivid work, and also illustrate her success in gaining greater professional recognition for women in the arts.”


Ethel Bartlett, 1926


Self-portrait, 1913


Rose and Gold, 1914


Portrait of Lubov Tchernicheva, 1921


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