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Nishe is the pseudonym of Magdalena Lutek, a 28 year old graphic designer from Poland – her images  focus on subtle gestures, mood and presence of her subjects rather than forcing expressions.

As a result her images feel natural, the viewer can effortlessly fall into a part of her word. The visual emotion emitted through her photography is almost tangible, the work is dreamy, fragile and brooding..


“Photography has been my biggest love since I was 15. I used to take black and white film photos of landscapes and nature trying to capture emotions in lonely places. In 2009 I started taking self-portraits, I had a lot of spare time but I wasn’t brave enough to ask people to model for me. My face was always obscured in the photographs I took and it became my obsession to portray a soul of a person, their emotions, anxiety, loneliness without showing their face. In December 2011 I finally broke out of my shell and began working with models. This summer has been the most prolific time for me, I’m living and breathing photography.”


These images are taken from her series ‘My Memories of You.


Via Nishe & The Spoilers Hand

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