— CMYK Alphabet

CMYK Alphabet is a typographic experiment, a set of 26 sans-serif uppercase letterforms on a grid of 5×5 inch.


Each letter is hand embroidered by Evelin Kasikov using a combination of two overlapping CMYK colours. The colours are halftoned at 90 and 45 degrees and these low resolution screens are turned into handmade cross-stitch embroidery.


The work was created for UPPERCASE magazine issue 3 Fall 2009. I was asked to contribute a piece of work for the typography section, but apart from that, the brief was open.


The idea of CMYK Alphabet grew out of my interest in handmade typography, the connections between colour and form, tactility and perception.


First published in UPPERCASE issue 3 Fall 2009. Published in: The 3D Type Book by FL@33 Ltd / Laurence King, Étapes No 175, Illustration Play 2 by Victionary, Playful Type 2 by Gestalten.

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