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I have just heard Grayson Perry on Radio 4, who was chosen to deliver this year’s Reith Lectures. You must make the effort to listen to these! He is utterly captivating and today’s lecture was possibly the most entertaining and interesting thing I have heard on the radio for such a long time.However, I am ashamed to say that other than knowing that he won the Turner Prize and wears frocks, I don’t know much about the artist. So, here is my first post of some of his work…a quick Idiot’s Guide…


Winner of the 2003 Turner Prize, British artist Grayson Perry creates seductively beautiful pots that convey challenging themes; at the heart of his practice is a passionate desire to comment on deep flaws within society. Perry uses pots as narrative and figurative media, a round, curved surface for a bizarre or bitter story.


Over the Rainbow, 2001


Saint Claire 37 wanks accross Northern Spain, 2003


Barbaric Splendour, 2003


Golden Ghosts, 2000


Cuddly Toys Caught on Barbed Wire, 2001


Defenders of Childhood, 2000


Triumph of Innocence, 2000


Two Children Born on the Same Day, 1996


Perry reveals ‘One of the reasons I dress up as a woman is my low self-esteem, to go with the image of women being seen as second class…It is like pottery: that’s seen as a second-class thing too’.


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