— Urs Fischer at Sadie Coles HQ

As part of his latest exhibition at Sadie Coles HQ in London, Swiss artist Urs Fischer has installed 3,000 pastel-coloured plaster raindrops to create an eye-catching psychedelic storm.

Encompassing a spectrum of shades from green to lilac, the mass of raindrops have been hung from the ceiling with near-invisible monofilament, combining romantic overtones with a rather slapstick cartoonish quality, typical of Fischer’s body of work.


“Fischer skews our sense of scale,” reads the Sadie Coles HQ press release. “Viewers become Lilliputians within the sea of oversize drops – while simultaneously he effaces basic distinctions between outside and inside, architecture and landscape.”


Amongst the raindrops are a number of sculptures depicting nude, reclining figures, all of whom lie crudely on a chaise lounge. The exhibition will be open through to 6 January, 2014.


Via: Sadie Coles HQ

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