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A free exhibition of Kate Moss images by the artist Russell Marshall opened last Friday at Imitate Modern, London.

“This show aims to combine art with Marshall’s journalistic perspective in also using quotations to give insight into the pieces and the enigmatic icon.


The title of the piece; “Never Complain, Never Explain” alludes to an interview in which Kate discusses what she learnt from Johnny Depp; “I was lucky to be with Johnny at that stage. He taught me a lot about fame. He told me ‘never complain, never explain’”.


A selection of these Kate Moss quotations will also appear on our walls to punctuate the artwork.  Marshall’s work has focused on subjects who are ‘legendary’, as opposed to ‘famous’; “celebrity can be so short-lived these days, but not so with Kate. While other celebrities have come and gone, Kate has stayed. Kate’s not just a survivor and she’s not hanging onto fame. She grows bigger, brighter and more iconic each year”. ”


Via: Imitate Modern

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