— Ren Hang

“I do not think nudity is challenging – nudity is common,” says Ren Hang. “I like people naked and I like sex; I use nudity so that I can attain more realism and sense of presence.”

Born in 1987 in Chang Chun, Jilin province in Northeastern China, Ren Hang is a photographer and poet.


His work is deliberately provocative and explicit, sometimes it is too much for the artist’s homeland where the highly conservative society and its conventional codes in art and communication do not gladly accept Ren Hang’s work and of other young artists who are the new generation of the Chinese cultural reawakening.


Ren Hang’s work has banned in many galleries in China. Despite this, he has been exhibited widely in Russia, Italy, France, Sweden, United Kingdom, Austria and China as well.


“What my pictures are discussing about is survival. I don’t wanna isolate human beings from animal or plants, and I don’t want others having the impression that Chinese people are robots with no cocks or pussies, or they do have sexual genitals but always keep them as some secret treasures, I wanna say that our cocks and pussies are not embarrassing at all. Therefore, my works are not only showing the importance of sexual genitals but also explaining that human being is just a form of existence. True freedom should be forgetting the concept of freedom.” Ren Hang


Via: Ren Hang, BJP

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