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“I think I’ve always been interested by humanity and I still am. It’s an obsession, looking at someone and letting them look back at you is a magical moment.”

Cass Bird is one of those photographers who is at once in and out of fashion, who looks at the world with something very close to joie de vivre, whose work is full of joy and tenderness.


Images from top:


1. My son Leo and daughter Mae, Cherry Grove summer 2012. Naked kids all summer.


2. Shalom Harlow hiding behind the couch at the Bowery Hotel.


3. Daria in her shower.  This image is from the first shoot we ever did together.  She looks like a different person to me now.


4. Daria somersaulting in our dug-out.


5. My bird son at Cherry Grove Fire Island.


6. Saint Barts with Daria Werbowy. She gashed the back of her knee open when she landed… and like Wolverine poured alcohol on the gash without flinching.


7. Freja on a horse at Rolling Stone Ranch.


8. Frankie Rayder and daughter jumping on trampoline in the Hamptons, they are fairy angels.


9. Anouck smoking in a corner… this was right after a slap.


10. Me hanging out of a helicopter in Hawaii. Flying over Jurassic Park! Rick Owen high tops.


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