— Goldkehlchen

Cute cider branding for Adam & Eva by Bureau FFabienne. They used to send cool ciders to one another and wondered, why is it that in the beautiful country of Austria, which is full of worldclass apple trees, there are no worldclass cider. The idea for Goldkehlchen was born.

“Adam & Eva, asked Bureau FFabienne to come up with a branding for their apple cider. We loved the idea of Adam & Eva doing apple cider so we agreed.The apples are all handpicked and no sugar is added, that’s what makes this apple cider “GOLDKEHLCHEN” from Austria so special.”


“GOLDKEHLCHEN” is a fantasy of a golden bird, which became the key visual of the whole identity. Furthermore we worked a lot with illustrations of apples, birds and apple blossom.


Designed by Bureau FFabienne


Photography by Kirchgasser-Fotografie

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