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A new exhibition of portraits by Cornel Lucas is to open later this month at the National Theatre.


The English Group had the great honour in 2005,  of publishing a two volume Limited Edition book, Shooting Stars, to accompany his lifetime retrospective of movie star portraits at the UK’s National Portrait Gallery.

The exhibition is on show from 17th February and is free to enter.


Marlene Dietrich, 1951


Marlene Dietrich, 1951


Diana Dors, 1951


Joan Collins, 1952


Brigitte Bardot, 1955


Katharine Hepburn, 1956


Susan Travers, 1958


Cornel Lucas, self-portrait, 1953


David Niven, 1954


Sir Alec Guinness, 1954


Sir Dirk Bogarde, 1952


Steven Spielberg, 1998


Sir Ben Kingsley, 1996


Via: National Theatre, The English Group

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