— Hans Hillmann R.I.P.

It has come to my attention that acclaimed designer and illustrator Hans Hillmann died on the the 4th May 2014.


Here’s his 1966 German poster for ‘Le Fou Follet’/’The Fire Within’, as directed by Louis Malle (France, 1963).

The second poster here is 1961 German design for Ted Tatzlaff’s 1949 US movie ‘The Window’.


These are followed by:


1968 German poster John Cassavetes ‘Shadow’s (USA, 1959)


1959 German poster for Kenji Mizoguchi’s 1953 movie ‘Ugetsu Monogattari’ (Japan, 1953)


1961 German poster for Frank Capra’s 1946 movie ‘Mr Deeds Goes To Washington’ (USA, 1936)


…and my own favourite, the beautifully illustrated 1962 German poster for Akira Kurosawa’s ‘The Seven Samurai’ (Japan, 1954)

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