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To support the soft-launch today of V.1 of the website for the Quite Frankly erotic magazine, we have also created a series of ‘digital postcards’ to support the social media aspects of the launch.


The first selection that I’m revealing here – ‘revealing’, that’s a good word! – is very suggestive of the breadth of content within the magazine; whether the photography be sensual or sexual, erotic or explicit, you can rest assured that it all manifests a fine art quality that’s not at all typical of other publications occupying this space.


The first ‘postcard’ features Nettie Harris photographed by George Pitts.

The next is Nettie Harris again, photographed by Mikey McMichaels.


Then, in order:


Miss Jennette photographed by Splice.


Jenny Woods and her boyfriend Drew, photographed by Jenny herself.


Fawnya Frolic photographed by Jo Schwab


Marilyn Cole photographed by John Stoddart


…and then two images by the ever splendid Ferry Van Der Nat (the latter of which simply makes me laugh).


You can find out more about Quite Frankly magazine, and even order your own copy of the launch issue, at:



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