— Walter Hugo & Zoniel: The Salt Print Selfie

If you’re free this Saturday 2 May 2015, 11.00 – 16.00 head on down to Tate Britain and put your face to this large-scale patchwork of selfies…

Renowned for their innovative approach to early photographic techniques, Walter Hugo and Zoniel make use of tintypes, ambrotypes, pigment and salt printing. For this one-day event, they tie their creative practice to the salt print process through the contemporary phenomenon of the ‘selfie’, offering the opportunity to be part of the making and production of a unique, large-scale work live at Tate Britain.


While salt prints are usually made with sodium chloride – table salt – in this performative event Walter and Zoniel will illustrate how they can be made with the salt naturally produced by the body, creating a true self-portrait. As a participant, you will be asked to use a facial steamer for a short amount of time before dabbing your face with the fabric canvas that your self-portrait, taken on the day, will be exposed onto. The group will then work together to stitch their canvases into a large patchwork of salt-print self-portraits.


From the first, solitary moment of the individual self-portrait sitting to the shared experience of creating a work together, and with artist-led discussions taking place throughout the day, the event is a unique opportunity to learn about the principles and processes behind this historic process while reflecting upon our evolving relationship to photography today.


This event is related to the exhibition ‘Salt and Silver: Early Photography 1840 – 1860’ which runs until 7th June 2015


TOP IMAGE: Walter Hugo & Zoniel, Self Portrait, glass plate ambrotype, 2010

© The artists


Via Tate Britain

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