— Secluded Library in the woods

This tiny black cabin by US firm Studio Padron serves as a cosy library and guest house for a vacation home in upstate New York

Studio Padron completed the cabin to serve as a standalone, one-room library on the property. The small black hut doubles as a place for visitors to sleep.


The cabin was a long time in the making – after being cut into large rectangular log sections, the wood was left to dry for several years on site.


Piled on top of one another horizontally, these logs form the cabin’s walls. Gaps between them create bookshelves, while larger openings act as windows.


“A logic of stacking was developed that created a varied lining of shelving on all faces of the room,” said the architect.


The one-room volume is just large enough to accommodate a bed, an armchair, and a small desk. A wood-burning stove heats the space, allowing it to be used year-round.


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