— Fingerpainting with Charcoal

This amazing mural has been created with just hands and charcoal, by Judith Braun. This mural, titled Diamond Dust was painted with charcoal dust over several days in February in front of a live audience at the Chrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk, Virginia USA.


Via Judith Braun.

— 360º photography by Randy Scott

Randy Scott is an American photographer whose latest work is spectacular, capturing hundreds of images from various angles which are then digitally stitched together for just one composition. The resulting fisheye style images are so interesting, taking a landscape or a cityscape to new levels of beauty and intrigue. Some of the landscapes look almost unreal or fantasy like.


Via Telegraph.

— Underwater Photography by Kanoa Zimmerman

Fabulous, original work here by photographer Kanoa Zimmerman, whose underwater photographs are unlike any I’ve seen before. Stepping aside from the usual ‘fish’ shots, Zimmerman focusses on capturing classic portraits of people and landscapes under the sea. Grainy, toothy, fantastic. This collection is called Free Dive.

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— Helmut Newton’s portrait up for sale

Helmut Newton’s iconic photograph, Self Portrait with Wife and Models, is due to be auctioned off at Christie’s on May 16th. Taken in 1980, the portrait has become incredibly famous, and one of Newton’s most recognised photographs. It’s estimated that the portrait will reach a whopping £90,000 at auction.

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— Elephant Magazine #10

The ever-lovely Elephant Magazine has just released its 10th edition. The publishers have gone for a bold update to their design for this edition, and I have to say it looks fantastic. It reminds me of the Bauhaus style of design – very functional but attractive.

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