— KL

Strong cover design for Nikolas Wachsmann’s history of the Nazi concentration camp system.

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— Purity

I think that I rather like the cover for Jonathan Franzen’s upcoming novel ‘Purity’.

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— La Luna De Metropoli

I’m very aware that we post many of the covers of Metropoli magazine, which is testament to how consistently fine the designs continue to be.


Via: Metropoli

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Usually one of those most bland parts of the fashion industry, this must be Gap’s most interesting campaign in a long long while.

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— Kafka Covers

In latest Creative Characters newsletter from MyFonts, designer Julia Sysmäläinen talks about designing FF Mister K, the typeface based on Franz Kafka’s handwriting used by Peter Mendelsund for his redesign of Schocken’s Kafka covers:


Originality, authenticity, and honesty are crucial qualities to me. I think Mr. K has all of that, just like Franz Kafka’s manuscripts do. While I was working on it, I realized that while Mister K is a font, it is also the visualization of a personality. The font is not pretty, or beautiful in the classic sense — and it doesn’t want to be.  

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