— Burning Man

As soon as I saw this poster (for a film I’d never heard of) I thought it quite fabulous, and so I wasn’t surprised to discover that it was designed by Jeremy Saunders.

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— Contemporary Marquetry

Aryma is a British company that specialises in designing and creating the finest marquetry for luxury interiors, bespoke furniture and decorative wall coverings for private homes, jets and yachts as well as commercial projects including shops, restaurants and hotels.

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— Nishant Jethi: Living Typography

These days, it is hard to imagine just how common house sparrows used to be. Sparrows were once everywhere,
the ultimate groupie to humankind. it seemed that they were untouchable.


How wrong we were? studies prove that there has been a sharp decline in the number of house sparrows, and the driving force is the lack of nesting and breeding spaces.

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— Paper Craft

Here’s just one of the fascinating creations to be found on The Art Of Papercuts blog.


Everything featured on the blog is cut by hand. Amazing detail, and such patience with a scalpel blade!!


Via The Art of Papercuts.