— Whiplash

Katherine and I went to see a screening of Whiplash yesterday evening, and can’t recommend the film enough.


It’s simply fabulous, and do go see it.


Here’s a few of the movie’s film posters.

— The Very Best Of Cerrone

The days of classic album cover design are long gone, and this effort for a compilation of long forgotten Auber-disco king Jean-Marc Cerrone’s latest release doesn’t really help matters much.


…even if it does raise a smile.


You can see more of Cerrone’s discreet offerings after the jump.

— Valentin Leonida

Valentin Leonida has created this packaging design for a box that holds a full collection of classical music stored on ‘crystal sticks technology’.


On his Behance profile he explains the sticks as a “New sound that will reveal subtle melodies you never knew existed. Hope that curiosity will drive you in the world of crystal sound!” 

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— ‘Hell Yeah’

A little heavy for a Wednesday morning? But this video is raw, cold with a poetic narrative. The video by Rag ‘N’ Bone Man is directed by Truman & Cooper and features Vince Staples.

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— Madonna by Mert & Marcus

For those of us that still care – and, I admit it, I probably still do – here’s the oh so controversial images of Madonna photographed by Mert & Marcus for the upcoming issue of Interview magazine.


…naked again at the age of 56.

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— Touching Up Madonna

There’s a lot of fuss in the press over Madonna’s new shoot for the latest issue of Interview magazine, wherein she looks rather magnificent at the age of 56, photographed by Mert & Marcus, semi-naked and topless.

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— Facing The Other Way

I”ve long been a fan of the visual output of the independent record label 4AD, and especially the consistently creative visual language achieved in their collaboration with their designer Vaughn Oliver. So, as soon as a history of the label, written by Martin Aston, was announced, I was off to Amazon to order my copy (which arrived this morning).


I was a little disappointed though to now discover that there’s a Limited Edition version which I can’t seem to track down anywhere. (Which you can see after the jump.

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