— Oh. ‘O’!

Seeing as their dance music is all about reaching the “climax”, all-female Dutch band ADAM decided to take the idea one step further, filming the video for track “Go to Go” while using a vibrator and trying to keep a straight face.

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— How To Engage With Classical Music

A clever and controversial piece of advertising by Raf Reyntjens from content agency Caviar Brussels. Dvorak is an advert he made for B-Classic to encourage listeners to engage with classical music, specifically in this case Czech composer Antonin Dvorak’s 9th Symphony, which was composed 120 years ago.

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— Keisza – Hideaway

I’ve just seen the excellent single shot video for the potential number one chat song by Keisza.


Can’t wait to see Greg James’ rendition at 4pm too…


Via: Youtube

— Wall to Wall Carpeting

Wall to Wall Carpeting’s album (Piliad Echons) artwork is based on the title of the band. It has lead the designers at Bend to experiment with basic insulating materials such as cork. The illustration of the underground river matches the musical form of the album where an ‘underground movement’ of sound is always trying to surface.

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