— Blues Funeral

I’ve been listening to this album a lot the past few days and thought I’d share with you the rather lovely floral illustration for the cover of Mark Lanegan’s ‘Blues Funeral’.


The album cover itself is viewable after the jump.

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— Love Spring 2014

The Miley Cyrus phenomenon shows no sign of abating and now she makes the cover of LOVE magazine’s Spring 2014 issue (photographed by David Sims).

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— Candy

Lady Gaga as unabashed as ever on the cover of the Winter 2013 issue of Candy magazine.


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— The Young Ones

1964 Czech poster for The Young Ones, directed by Sidney J. Furie (UK, 1961) .


The poster designer is Zdenek Ziegler (b. 1932).


Nicky [Cliff Richard] and his friends find that their youth club is in danger of being flattened to make way for a new office block unless they can come up with £1500 to pay the new owner, the ruthless property tycoon Hamilton Black. To help raise the cash, Nicky records a song and his friends broadcast it via a pirate radio station, touting him as ‘The Mystery Singer’ – the plan works and interest in their up and coming show is heightened by this new but unknown heart-throb. But Nicky has an even bigger secret and one that he cannot share, even with his girlfriend Toni… Hamilton Black is his father.


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— Serge & Jane

Jane Birkin with partner Serge Gainsbourg wearing one of those 80s swimming costumes that the even the cyclical nature of fashion is unlikely ever to return to us.


That said, Jane Birkin, at any age, can make anything look great… …even Serge.


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