— Human Centipede 3

There is no other reason for posting this film poster than the fact that Alice has a minor obsession with these films.

Human Centipede 3, film, film poster, movie poster, horror, sick

— Cannes 2015

The official poster of the 68th Festival de Cannes which honors Ingrid Bergman.


© FDC / Lagency / Taste (Paris) / Ingrid Bergman © David Seymour / Estate of David Seymour – Magnum Photos.



official poster, 68th Festival de Cannes, Ingrid Bergman, David Seymour, Magnum Photos, cannes 2015, poster, typography

— Stone Barn Castle

Rather pretty illustrated poster for Adrien Brody and Ken Ford’s documentary Stone Barn Castle.

Adrien Brody, Ken Ford, documentary, Stone Barn Castle, poster, illustration, fable, sketch

— The Duke of Burgundy

A dark melodrama – that is perhaps everything that Fifty Shades Of Grey isn’t (by which we mean erotic) – stars Chiara D’Annaas an amateur lepidopterist whose wayward desires test the limits of her lover’s tolerance.


Here’s a look at the movie posters for this film.

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