— Purity

I think that I rather like the cover for Jonathan Franzen’s upcoming novel ‘Purity’.

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— 48 Pall Mall

The English Group: Work In Progress


In the next few days we will be passing the production-run of the cover embossing which is created from a sculpted die. Here’s an Instagram of the test emboss.

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— New Z Magazine

After relaunching at the weekend, the new Z Magazine aims to delve beneath the surface of all things luxury — whether that be in fashion, travel, architecture or food — with the full weight of NZZ’s 235 year history behind it.

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— 5th Element

The English Group: Completed Project


First look at the new brand identity and a suite of engraved or die-stamped business cards for luxury interior design practise 5th Element.


The cards have been produced in two colour ways using metallic rose gold die-stamping inks and metallic gilt-edging on both white and charcoal grey textured paper stocks.

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