— Gabon: 08.05.2008

Amos Courage (the step-brother of Damian Aspinall – owner of the Port Lympe and Howletts zoos in Kent, focused towards the conservation and breeding of endangered spieces) and Dr Samantha Corsellis (Trustee of the charity TUSK) – both pictured – had invited me to accompany them on a trip to the Gabon, on the border with Congo, to experience the reintroduction of captive born and orphaned young gorillas to the wild.

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— Best Products

Whenever I come across photographs of James Wines’s (of SITE Design) 1970’s architectural facades for the now defunct retailer Best Products, I continue to find myself as amused as when I first saw them.

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— From Russia With Love: First Edition

Having on a whim today bought a first edition copy of Ian Fleming’s ‘From Russia With Love’, I’ve also decided – as someone that simply loves books and other printed ephemera – that I shall now try to collect more James Bond first editions.

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