Most projects commence with a blank sheet and a multiplicity of possibilities, but only one design can progress to completion. Other potentially great commissions are set aside without ever being realised. Alongside project updates, The English Group’s News & Journal articles provides an opportunity to glance towards some of this work.

Queen’s Platinum Jubilee 2022

The English Group is commissioned by Thomas Goode & Co. to realise designs for a bespoke commemorative hand-engraved crystal goblet, plus all supporting promotional materials to raise awareness of this exceptional project.


Tasmanian Tiger

Venturing into what is uncharted waters for The English Group, we turn our focus towards product and packaging design for the creation of a new premium vodka brand.


Fritton Lake

Having just completed a new brand identity for the 4th Baron Somerleyton’s Fritton Lake estate it’s a last chance to take a glance towards some of the other designs that we also created for this project in its early stages.



We doodled a design for a new brand identity that the client was immediately taken with. The question though was how do we create same as a professionally finished piece, whilst not losing any of the niave charm of the original.


Coco de Mer

Coco de Mer has a reputation for being the most culturally atuned of London’s many erotic emporiums, and it has been a pleasure to explore new channels via which this altogether edgy brand might further engage with it’s audiences.



Copywriting has always been a significant part of The English Group’s portfolio of services. As well as writing the texts for many client commissioned books, brochures and other publications, the agency has been engaged to work on a wide range of projects where well-crafted words were just as important as our design styles. This is one such project.


Quite Lovely: Postcards

One of the mission statements of The Quite Delightful Project is ‘to tease and torment’, whilst another strapline used across its publications is ‘save your blushes’. To help promote the latest issue of the magazine, The English group has created a second set of postacrds that hopefully fulfils at least one of these objectives.


Sir Don McCullin: On Press

Looking back at over twenty years of work for The English Group’s new website, there are a few projects that stand head and shoulders above the rest. One of these is of course the two years that the agency dedicated towards progressing the three volume large format retrospective of Sir Don McCullin’s life’s work.


Armorial Paris

It’s a designer’s fantasy to be set free to research and then indulge all of the heritage print processes – engraving, die-stamping, letterpress, embossing, hot foil-blocking, etc – and the highlight of this experience is those days that samples of the finished pieces arrive at the agency’s studio.


Perfect Flirtations For Valentine's Day

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