Most projects commence with a blank sheet and a multiplicity of possibilities, but only one design can progress to completion. Other potentially great commissions are set aside without ever being realised. Alongside project updates, The English Group’s News & Journal articles provides an opportunity to glance towards some of this work.

Monkton Combe School, Bath

With costs of production underwritten by rock star Peter Gabriel and author Bernard Cornwell (an ex-pupil of the school), The English Group has been commissioned to produce a large format brochure detailing plans for Monkton Combe’s new Music School, to be given to guests attending a number of fund-raising events at the school.


Gabon & Congo

A once in a lifetime opportunity for The English Group’s Marc Carter to travel into Conrad’s mythical ‘Heart Of Darkness’ to be a part of the releasing of orphaned and captive born gorillas back into the wild.


Announcing A Major New Project

The English Group couldn’t be more proud to announce that it has been engaged to produce a Limited Edition publication to showcase a full lifetime retrospective of Don McCullin’s photography. Here, we preview the large format monograph produced to introduce the project to prospective collectors.


Oak / Frost / Snow

With a deep, enduring and proven love of ink-on-paper, The English Group couldn’t be more alert to the ever increasing presence of digital printing amongst the options available to us. One of the agency’s printers, Apple Litho Limited of Bristol, has commissioned us to produce a digitally printed invitation for an open day event they are hosting at their premises. Instead, we produced this…


Kiss FM

On commencing work for the latest updating of The English Group’s website, all sorts of long forgotten commissions drift again to the surface. This News & Journal section of the new website gives us a chance to make sure that a few of these smaller projects are able able to remain a part of the agency’s story.


Natalia Liouba

Attention to detail is The English Group’s driving motivation, as is a belief that ‘understated elegance’ or ‘less is more’ will usually lead to designworks that don’t feel out of date just a short while subsequent to being delivered to the client.


La Fondouk

Sometimes, things go a little crazy and whilst a number of other (far more sedate) designs may have been presented to the client, their own tastes are such that a little bling – or, in this case, rather a lot – is what they feel is needed.


Invitation Design & Print

The English Group has recently had a unique opportunity to gain knowledge and experience of a number of the most increasingly difficult to source and at risk heritage & artisan printing processes. …processes that lend themselves perfectly to high-specification invitation design and bespoke personal stationery.


The GREAT Initiative

Having supported, both commercially and by way of the agency’s own charitable giving, a diverse mix of good causes projects, The English Group’s founder, Marc Carter, has been invited to become a trustee of a new charity foundation alongside broadcaster Mariella Frostrup, human rights lawyer Jason McCue and philanthropist Karen Ruimy.


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