— Zadie

Having been asked what the font is for Zadie Smith’s ‘On Beauty’ I had assumed it a bespoke typeface (drawn just for this author, or book). Actually it is available.


Via identifont

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— Desire

Beautifully illustrated 1959 Polish movie poster for Desire (Vojtech Jasny, Czechoslovakia, 1958).


The designer/illustrator is Jerzy Flisak (1930-2008).


Via: Movie Poster Of The Day

1959, Polish, poster, movie poster, film poster, film, DESIRE, Vojtech Jasny, Czechoslovakia, 1958, Designer, illustrator, Jerzy Flisak, 1930-2008

— Robert McGinnis

It suddenly occurs to me that it’s been a long while since we posted one of Robert McGinnis’s iconic pulp pin up illustrations, so…


Via: Girlie Magazine

Robert McGinnis, illustration, nude, pin-up, pin up, pulp

— Clean

I’m posting this just because I find the film poster graphics clean(!) and engaging.


…the film’s an odd one, it was made two years ago and Maggie Cheung was recognised with the Best Actress Award at Cannes, but the movie has still not yet been granted a release date. (I’ve seen it and it’s very very good).

— The Smiling Spider

Immersed in both children’s book and greetings card design at the moment, I find myself drawn to all sorts of illustrative styles for this age group.


This one is by the artist Odilon Redon, 1891


Via: Tacoma Blue

the smiling spider, odilon redon, 1891, illustration, spider, children's books