Don McCullin & Friends

Until now, Don McCullin’s Limited Edition three volume retrospective of his life’s work has only been available from the project’s own website.

…yet half of the entire 1000 print run has already sold.

However, a small quantity of the book has been made available for the public with a Reception being hosted at the Queen’s bookseller’s Hatchard’s on London’s Piccadilly.

The photographs below feature shots of a few of the guests attending the event; including, of course, Don himself, David Bailey and his wife Catherine, Oscar winning film director Mike Figgis, writer and TV presenter – and sister of Boris – Rachel Johnson, and some number of journalists that Don has worked with across the decades.

From a professional perspective, The English Group team count being invited to design and publish this publication as one of our greatest achievements.

For more information regarding Irreconcilable Truths, visit:

Don McCullin with the Limited Edition version of his biography Unreasonable Behaviour.
Don showing Irreconcilable Truths to fellow luminary David Bailey.
Writer and broadcaster Sarah Johnson – sister of Boris – introducing herself to David Bailey.
Catherine Bailey and Oscar-winning film director Mike Figgis at the Hatchard’s launch.
Detail of Irreconcilable Truths being enjoyed at Hatchard’s launch Reception.