Monkton Combe School, Bath

This large format publication for Monkton Combe School – one of Bath’s highest regarded private schools – has been produced to both showcase the school’s ambitions for an expansion of its music programmes and also to help raise funds to underwrite the material costs of the project.

Produced in two formats – a softcover version for giving away to guests attending fund-raising events and a casebound version for the school to send to their list of high net worth doners – this has been an unexpectedly pleasing project to have been involved with.

Following on from an intense design process wherein The English Group designed a new look for the school’s annual magazine and oversaw artwork and production of the first two issues, it was an honour to be engaged again for this highest profile project.

It was also, we think, especially brave of the school to allow us to proceed with our recommendation to produce a publication entirely black & white.


Keeping focus towards schools local to The English Group’s studios in Bath, the agency has also been commissioned to produce prospectuses for Bath’s The Royal High School, St. Augustine’s Catholic College in Trowbridge and St. Bede’s school in Bristol.