Alladale Wilderness Reserve

The Alladale Wilderness Reserve is both a destination in the Scottish Highlands and home to one of the UK’s best known conservation initiatives. Alladale’s owner, the philanthropist Paul Lister, is best known for his long held plans to reintroduce bears, lynx and wolves back into the Scottish landscape. …and whilst these attention-grabbing initiatives gain on the column inches in our newspapers, the reality is that over the many years that The English Group has been a part of this project – and have visited Alladale on countless occasions – we have witnessed Paul also quietly go about his work and plant over a million trees across his land; laying a large part of the foundations for re-establishing Scotland’s once great Caledonian Pine Forest.

The English Group has been a part of this from the very beginning. Working hand-in-hand with Paul, the agency has participated in early days meetings that led to the formation (and naming) of the charitable foundation that underwrites the costs of the conservation initiatives at Alladale, The European Nature Trust.

This new brand identity is the second that we have created for Alladale. It is a revisiting of the initial brief for this project, demanding now an identity that is geared more to the destination aspects of the project (as all conservation outreach is kept under The European Nature Trust banner, which The English group also created the branding for).

Over the years, we have produced a number of brochures for Alladale, showcasing the accommodation available at the Alladale Lodge, the epic nature of these Scottish landscapes and the important conservations projects on the ground. The English Group has also created the websites for Alladale alongside a broad mix of other promotional materials in print and online.