Quite Delightful

This publishing project – to create luxury sector quality erotic publications designed by women for women – came about when The English Group was offered sponsorship by one of the UK’s largest paper merchants (Antalis Group) to design a niche market magazine as a showcase for how their papers might be used across this sector.

Research suggested that every possible magazine publishing sector already had beautiful niche publications available, except for the top shelf – which was still a collection of awfully designed publications created by men, for men – that seemed to have no interest whatsoever in raising the bar.

The first issue of the magazine was recognised with a whole clutch of design and print industry awards and was purchased from the project’s own website by collectors in 27 different countries. Soon the project was extended to include stand-alone monographs of individual photographer’s portfolio’s of erotic photography, along with other print ephemera also conceived and created by The English Group. A second issue of the main magazine was purchased by customers in 29 countries.

Whilst The Quite Delightful Project represents just a slice in time for The English Group, it is also a project that we are exceptionally proud of and fully intend to revisit at some point and relaunch in some more commercially robust form.