The European Nature Trust

This is another project that the agency has worked on for almost all of its 20 year trading history. In fact, we were involved at the very beginning of The European Nature Trust’s instigation and were even involved in the naming of the Foundation.

The European Nature Trust is the charitable foundation launched by philanthropist Paul Lister through which his broad portfolio of conservation initiatives can be progressed. Paul is famous for his plans to rewild wolves back into the UK, with the great expanses of his own Alladale estate up in the Scottish Highlands pitched to be the ideal home for this project. The Alladale Wilderness Reserve is currently the home already for the Scottish Wildcat rebreeding programme (ahead of a reintroduction of these fabulous predators back into the wild in Scotland). Paul is also responsible for planting well over a million trees upon his estate as his own contribution towards reconstituting the once great Caledonian Pine Forest.

Over the years we have created websites for The European Nature Trust, brochures, invitations, electronic marketing campaigns and all sorts of other brand supporting items. In addition, being regular visitors to Alladale, we have also created our own impressive portfolio of photography which has been essential in supporting the communications outreach for the Trust.