Quite Lovely: Social Media

The digital postcards featured below showcase a selection of the photographers and illustrators contributing portfolios of work to the second issue of The Quite Delightful Project’s luxury large format erotic publication.

This second edition was titled the Quite Lovely issue. …the first issue was launched with the title Quite Frankly.

These digital postcards were released across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and were calculated to provoke anticipation for the publication ahead of the magazine’s release. For The English Group, at this time, it’s an especially interesting project to return to. Whilst racy and even mildly salacious, the images adorning these postcards were considered to suggest no more than a hint towards each’s photographer’s or illustrator’s work featured within the magazine.

As a consequence of this campaign, the magazine and its associated publications – the monographs of photography, packs of postcards and its ‘I Confess’ booklet – were purchased by customers spread across 29 countries.

…and after a delay which has been far longer than we would have liked, The Quite Delightful Project’s redesigned third issue is now finally underway.