The Review Design & Print Awards

At this year’s annual The Review Print & design Awards event – sponsored by paper merchant Antalis – projects designed by The English Group were recognised with four awards.

In the design category, and for the second year running, we were recognized with the Book Design Of The Year award for, Irreconcilable Truths, the three volume Limited Edition retrospective of photographer Don McCullin’s life’s work.

We also won the award for Best Design On Recycled Paper (for the promotional monograph for the Don McCullin publication).

I must take a moment to thank our printers of this stupendous edition, Opal Print; who were given the responsibility for the printing of almost 1500 pages across the three volumes, and the reproduction of in excess of 600 of Don McCullin’s iconic photographs to a standard never previously achieved.

Thanks must also be given to both Diamond for the bookbinding – a bigger task than they had ever envisaged – and to Phil Schulke of Quality Art Reproductions for his beautiful handmade presentation boxes.

I would also like to thank Antalis for their contribution towards ensuring that we were able to use the very best selection of papers in this publication, and for the awards that the project has now been recognized with.

For more information about Don McCullin’s Irreconcilable Truths, or to purchase a copy of this Limited Edition publication, do visit: