Most projects commence with a blank sheet and a multiplicity of possibilities, but only one design can progress to completion. Other potentially great commissions are set aside without ever being realised. Alongside project updates, The English Group’s News & Journal articles provides an opportunity to glance towards some of this work.

The Conservationists

Over the past fifteen years or so, The English Group team have realised many branding solutions, publications and websites for conservationist Paul Lister’s estate up in the Scottish Highlands, his charity foundation and other conservation initiatives that Paul has – and the agency also has – supported alongside.


Bryan Adams: Hear The World

Many of The English Group’s most enjoyable projects over the years have been to produce publications or catalogues for exhibitions of photography. It’s a sector of the arts which we are especially passionate about.


Irreconcilable Truths: Director's Cut

An opportunity to reconsider The English Group’s original designs for the covers for the three volumes comprising Sir Don McCullin’s lifetime retrospective, Irreconcilable Truths.


Quite Suggestive

A picture is said to be worth a thousand words. However, it’s also true that quite a lot can be said with just a few words; and whilst the majority of The Quite Delightful Project’s marketing has been built around the photography and illustration featured across its publications, sometimes we get to play with the written word too.


Quite Lovely: Social Media

The Quite Delightful Project’s first luxury erotic magazine, Quite Frankly, was promoted online, across social media, with a campaign of visual assets that were designed to be ‘beautifully provocative’. For the second issue of the magazine – their Quite Lovely issue – there seemed little point in reinventing the wheel when the first campaign had been so successful.


Sir Don McCullin at Tate Britain

Whilst the Irreconcilable Truths publishing project has gone on to take The English Group in many expected directions, we did not expect the portfolio of images curated for this publication to provide the content for Tate Britain’s largest and greatest attendance exhibition ever.


Quite Delightfully Salacious

So many of The English Group’s projects might be described as being especially ‘serious’, or demand an appropriate level of gravitas in our approach. Sometimes though, something altogether different comes along which allows us either to just relax a little, or even step outside of our comfort zone.


Don McCullin & Friends

Whilst the three volume Limited Edition Irreconcilable Truths is only available from the project’s own website, the Provocateur Press was approached by the Queen’s booksellers, Hatchards, to host a celebration of the publication at their Piccadilly bookshop.


St Augustine's School Prospectuses

Immersing ourselves into the fabric of the school to create an essay of photography to be used across the pages of the school’s new publications and website.


Royal High School, Bath

Alongside a rebranding of this private school’s identity, The English Group was also commissioned to produce a set of three prospectus publications, a number of supporting eight page information sheets and a new school website. An especially enjoyable aspect of the project was to embed ourselves within the school’s everyday routines and photograph an all-new library of photography.


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